Monday, April 5, 2010

Can Your Man Be Trusted?

Can Your Man Be Trusted?

Found this quiz in my email send by Shopping Lifestyle, and decided to give it a try since i was kinda bored!!

You can also do this quiz by clicking this!!

How far can you trust your guy?

"Don't trust the person who has broken faith once," William Shakespeare famously quipped. You know that trust is fundamental to a healthy loving relationship, but how much faith do you have in your guy? Take this quiz to find out.

MY RESULT for my current BF!

He's a trustworthy man

You're in a perfectly healthy relationship with a man you know you can count on. In fact, his honesty and openness is probably what made you fall in love with him in the first place.

"A good loving relationship is built on a solid foundation of trust," says Steve Nakamoto, author of Men Are Like Fish. And you're a walking example of that!

HAPPY with the result! LOL~ and yea, kinda true the reason why i fell for him in the first place! hehe~

ok, as mentioned i was bored, and decided to do the test again, this time round trying out totally different answers to find out what i would get (this reflects some of my past relationships~)

and here is the result~

He's hard to trust

The trust in your guy isn't there, and it's because he's been caught telling one too many lies. "If you suspect he's lied, then the relationship is already in trouble because suspicion is the first step in eroding trust," explains Susan Swimmer, author of Is He The One?

"It might not involve another woman, but if your guy is lying to you about something, being secretive about things, or leaving you with the unsettling feeling you are being kept in the dark, there's a good chance he's got an ulterior motive -- and you're on the fast track to getting hurt," Brenda Della Casa, relationship expert and author of Cinderella Was A Liar, agrees. If you're in a relationship with a serial liar, cut him loose now. You'll be much better off without him.

Hmmm....this is probably one of the reasons why my past relationships didnt work out!! Haa~

Its amazing how i can get totally different and opposite answers. Has my taste and expectations for guys changed? Or am i just getting luckier in love? haha!

So, can your man be trusted? =) Well, i hope you girls get the same results as i did for my current BF! =)

Cheers to all who are in LOVE right now! =)

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