Saturday, March 13, 2010

Suntec IT Show 2010!

woke up early today, as WE (me and family) had planned to visit the Suntec IT show!

Not wanting to join the traffic jam, and have difficulty finding parking lots, we decide to leave home by 11+am, as the IT Show only starts at 12pm! Upon reaching, we parked near Carrefour, and walked over to the convention hall~

Scary Crowd at the IT Show!

By then it was already pretty packed! We headed straight to get what we had in mind, which was first to the Dell Booth to check on Notebooks for my Bro. After which we head over to the Samsung Booth and went to check out on the two digital camera models which i am hesitating between~ inquired with the sales personnel, and after some discussion and bargaining with them, i ended up getting the Samsung PL150 in BLUE!!

Well, reason is simple. Compared to the Samsung ST550, Its newer. The Specs are slightly better. And its more user friendly especially for my parents who are not savvy with IT stuff, nor touchscreen devices. Its WAY CHEAPER! $130 to be exact!

Of cuz the colours of the ST550 is nicer and its cool as its fully touchscreen and faster in terms of loading speed. But i just felt it isnt worth the money!

On top of that we manage to get 2 x 8GB MicroSD cards! Free casing, and extra battery! So worth it!! =)

A pity this model only has 2 colours, Blue and Red. But the red is pretty awful looking. Thus i went with Blue instead! Anyway. the colour of this camera is not that important since it is only a minor part on the side of the camera, as the whole body is fully black! =)

FINALLY a NEW digital camera! Weee~ there'll be plenty of pretty photos coming up in future post! Hehe!

My New Toy! Samsung PL150!!

After getting my camera, we went to get my Bro's Dell notebook, a new External Hard Disk for him, and new Laptop Skins for US!

Plus i also bought myself a new iPhone hard casing!! Pretty Pretty!! (but i broke a part of it upon reaching home, cuz of my itchy fingers. i kept playing with it while watching tv, taking it in and out, and eventually heard  'piak'. and realize its broken. =( so sad! broke it on the first day i got it!! sobs~ I so violent and careless~ Think silicon cases are a safer and better option for me afterall!!)

Pretty Right! Sad, its broken!

After walking around for awhile, my head was already spinning badly!! Due to the loud noises, the overwhelming crowd and probably stuffiness and suffocation from bad ventilation!! And so right after we got everything, we quickly exited the IT show, and head for lunch!!

Lunch was yummy~ =)

after which, we put our stuff in the car boot, and head to Carrefour to do some grocery shopping!! Bought a new telephone for my room as my current one has finally died on me after many years of service!! i dropped it a little too often and the wires are all loose~ haha!! bought some chips, pies, etc, before we eventually paid, left and head home for the day to rest!

Its been a WONDERFUL day with lotsa great buys!

All my buys from the IT Show! (forgotten to snap my new room phone though! haa!)
Flowery Pink, and Pretty Butterfly Laptop Skin for my Lenovo S10 and my upcoming new Lappy!! (Not gonna waste it on my current old lappy which im intending to change soon!)

BEST part is, they're all from Daddy and Mummy Dearest!!! THANKS DADDY for the new camera and new phone for my room!! THANKS MUMMY for the new laptop skins!! and THANKS to my LOVELY FAMILY for the LOVELY day out!!

Me LOVEs ♥ such family outings! Hehe! =)


RaiN said...

Ger... how much you bought your new cam for? I am sooOOOoo attracted to the self-photography screen/feature :P

Yuriko said...

$349! =) Haha yea u should get it!!

Caelyn said...

Girl you careless leh.. the iphone cover so nice and pretty.. butterfly.. if no itch hand i think ok leh.. hehehe.. =P actually plastic cover is ok too..

Yuriko said...

Caelyn: haha! ya lor! super sad la! Tt day i should have bought 1 for u too! cuz 3 for $12 only! But i didnt need so many, so that day nv buy..if i had know u would like it, i would buy for u too!! =(

Oh well, next time we open eye bi big hunt for more nice iphone casings k! =)

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