Friday, March 26, 2010

Succeeded in achieving one of my goal!

feeling happy this very moment!! =)

thats because...............

i took a set of office wear out from my closet (something which i've not worn for a long time ever since i became unemployed!!) to try on this morning, and realize they're all loose!!! after which i took my measuring tape out and measured my waist, and found that i lost 2-3 inches!! thus i decided to step onto my 'full-of-dust' weighing machine. (which i had feared to step on for the past few months, as i couldnt face the reality that i had gained weight!) And this time to my surprise, i found out that i lost weight!!! 7kgs to be exact! woo-hooo~ =D *SUCCEEDED* in achieving one of my goal!!

Surprised and HAPPY! =D


feeling hippity hoppy all over again!~ hehe~

gonna continue maintaining my current weight and current diet! hope i wont put on those extra weight all over again!! =)




LOL!! Anyway, as requested by many, i've decided to edit on this post and add on this part!!

The Method i used to lose weight?

DONT ask wat i did! ask what i DIDNT do!! quick ASK!

okok...i shall answer first, SKIP DINNER! LOL!! i've been skipping dinner for the past few days, only drink water and snack a little now and then. and i only have 1 proper meal a day, Breakfast! Because it is the most important meal of the day to give u energy for the whole day! Thus Breakfast has been a meal that i will NEVER ever miss! Plus the fact that im one with low blood pressure, thus i need the energy, or else i will faint!!! For me, i eat either bread or cereal with milk. And in the day, for lunch, i only munch on tidbits or bread. and just drink more water~ hahah!!

well~ i know it aint very healthy! thus not recommended to those who dont have determination, or have gastric problems!!!

Best scientific solution is still to EXERCISE~ haha!

My form of exercise is probably to do HOUSECHORES! haha! i realize it really does help! =p  you can also try jogging, cycling, situps, rollerblading and also swimming! =)

Kudos to all! =)

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