Sunday, March 28, 2010

Random thought - Marriage

feeling very random. probably just feeling bored, and my thoughts just start to flow...

well.. today, my random thought would be about Marriage.

(FYI, to clarify, before any of you jump to conclusion, NOPE i'm NOT getting married yet. Nor do I have any plans of tying the knot for the near future yet.)

yes. something almost everyone would go through in life. something many may be looking forward to or fear about.

I personally feel that, Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and is not a joking matter. Its not something we should take lightly as just a piece of paper or just a ritual that has to be gone through. Marriage is when a guy and a girl falls deeply in love, and decides that they want to be with each other for the rest of their lives. Which means to live together as one in a nice warm cosy house that they call home. Having to see each other every single day and not feeling bored of each other. To be faithful and committed to only your spouse, and no longer be able to glance nor fancy any other person of the opposite sex. To give birth and have kids of their own and to hold responsibilities far greater than anyone can imagine. To accept every single flaw that surfaces after marriage and still love each other wholeheartedly. To stick by each other through sickness and hardships. To grow old together, til death do they part.


When i was much younger, i thought its sucha simple thing. To just find someone you love whom you are happy with, get married and settle down with kids. And at that point of time, i told myself I want to get married by the age of 21. (thinking back i must have been crazy and simply out of my mind, or i probably was just too young to comprehend what marriage is all about and would be like.)

Many people in reality, thought they found the one to be with for the rest of their lives. They get in a relationship which probably last a couple of years, but due to certain issues or flaws, it ended. Some ended up wasting their youth, time and effort, and eventually get married at a very late age.
Some are really lucky. They found the right one, on their first relationship, or when they are young. Thus tying the knots at an early age, but still live happily ever after.

These thoughts probably struck me because im starting to feel a little mid life crisis. Ok its kinda early for me to feel this way. But everyone have different definitions of young and old. And for me, i do feel that i am indeed aging. Like many, i do have many plans for the future too. (im kinda over ambitious sometimes. plus im quite a perfectionist!) My dream, preferred and ideal age to settle down would probably be at 23 - 25. Well, this was almost fulfilled. Yes i could have already been married this year. But due to silly thoughts and decisions back then which caused this fairytale to end. That aside, I must face the fact that I'm actually already turning 23 this year. Which means I'm left with ONLY 2 years to determine if the person I'm with now is the right one. I no longer have excess time to play around with my life. Not meaning to play with guys! I meant to waste time away and not have a focus in mind in terms of career, etc.

These days, i noticed many friends and couples around me tying the knots happily with the ones the love, really makes me envy them. and I start to wonder, when it would be my turn. haa! am i kinda impatient? yea i probably am. But i know well that i wont force anything to happen, for there wont be true happiness without true love and fate. So i will wait..... =)

As for now, before i end this post, I hereby want to wish my newly-wed friends, and friends who are already planning to tie the knots, and also to all wedded, newly-wed and about-to-wed couples out there, True Blessed Happiness, Bliss and an ever lasting marriage! =)



Caelyn said...

Girl~ You will find your true love.. Dun worry.. God will look after you and give you a happiness path to walk on.. =)

Yuriko said...

Thanks sweets! yea i know god will do just that for me! =) *hugs*

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