Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Mistakes are the portals of discovery. Make the mistakes of yesterday your lessons for today.

In life, everyone makes mistakes. Kids, Adults and even the Old. The Smart, the dumb, the rich and even the poor. The only difference is the severity of the mistakes.

The important thing would be to learn from each and every mistakes, and to improve on them and prevent them from repeating.

For me, without saying, I've also made many mistakes in this life of mine. Mistakes both big and small, and in many different aspects of life. Mistakes which I live to regret with til date. Mistakes which I really wish I can turn back time and amend.

But rather than just regretting and wishing to turn back time, I've made a promise to myself that from this day, I'll learn from my past mistakes, reflect on each and every one of them, and I'm gonna improve myself in every way, so as not to repeat those silly mistakes which I've made.

I'm gonna make my mistakes of yesterday, lessons for today!

A better me. A better future.


Lydia said...

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Yuriko said...

Hi Lydia, thanks for the compliment! =) I will try it! Do drop by again soon!

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