Saturday, February 20, 2010

Visiting Visiting and More Visiting~

Visiting Visiting and More Visiting~

Today, We woke up and head to Ubi to check out on some tyres, after which we head back to my place~

Dear had came over for CNY visiting~ We played with Muffin and together with my parents watched TV, ate some new year goodies, and spend some time together before Dear left for home~

After which we dropped by the petshop to get Muffin's kibbles, and also we gotten him a new pair of boots! Finally found a nice pair which fits him and matches his collar! Plus its sold at a reasonable price as well! hehe!

Then i followed my parents to my aunt's place~ Once again, there was a family gathering there, where my aunts, uncles and cousins were there~ We watched 'Avatar', ate dinner together , 'Lou Yu Shang', took group photos, mahjong sessions going on, chatting, and playing with Muffin~

Muffin is sucha Happy Boy today! new pair of boots for him, so many people played with him, fed him and 'sayang' him~

Left at about 12ish-am and head over to Dear's Uncle's place again for yet another gathering~ Played Poker again, drank soup, chatted and stayed around til late before we eventually left for the night and head home to sleep~

Will try to upload the group photo of my family and relatives when i get the photos from my aunt! =) and i'll also upload a picture of Muffin in his new boots sooon~

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