Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Chinese New Year, Happy Valentines Day!!

First of all, wanna wish each and everyone a very happy chinese new year. and to all couples out there, a very happy valentines day!

Next i wanna wish my BF and myself a very happy valentines day and Happy 1/2 Years!

How time flies, another year had past~ many unhappy events had happened before during this very 1st night of the CNY, and it kinda scares me... not that im worried history will repeat itself. but im just afraid its not gonna be a gd year with a gd start..

But so far, this year has started out alright! and i thank god for it! =) nothing bad has happened, and im safe and happily at home with my family watching tv and doing last min spring cleaning~ haa! on top of that, im still happily with BF. =)

anyway to sum this post up, i would lastly like to wish everyone a prosperous new year filled with happiness, blissfulness, luck and everything good~ =)

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