Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year Day 2

Chinese New Year Day 2

woke up early today, washed up, prepared and got changed into my newly bought Qi Pao! Its my very FIRST Qi Pao and i love it to bits!! =) Been wanting to get it since many years back~ But i either couldnt find one that i like, it doesnt fit me nicely, or its way too expensive and i dont bear to buy it cuz i cant wear it very often~ Plus i was kinda fat past few years and thus didnt look very nice in them~ But this year i FINALLY found one that i like and fits me perfectly! (mainly cuz i got them altered! haha!) Though its still pretty costly~ but i guess its worth every buck! From the material, to the design and as a whole~ i like them all~ =)

In Dad's car on the way to Grand Aunt's Place~

my family and i first dropped by a grand aunt's place over at Bukit Timah for a visit~ i love her place alot~ very nice garden that she maintains and beautiful pernankan antiques~ just sad that she lives alone with her maid right now, as my grand uncle aint around anymore. but well, glad she is still healthy and doing well. :)

Before going up to Aunt's place~

after which we went over to my aunt's place, where all my mum's sisters and brothers and their family would gather together~ spend the whole day over there, chatted with my cousins, aunts and uncles, ate the yummylicious steamboat which was filled with lotsa good food such as the Alaska Crab, Abalone, Scallop, etc., watched TV, and watched them play mahjong~ =)

later at night, followed one of my cousin, Shavon, to her ballroom dance session at Raffles Town Club! i must say, she dance very well! i've been wanting to take up dance lessons since eons ago~ but til date have not put it to action cuz i cant find anyone to join me yet~ but my cousin introduced her friend to me, named Karen! and she'll like join me to take up lessons soon! weeee~

At Raffles Town Club! =)

anyway after the session ended at about 1am, we proceeded to St James~ we first went to Movida, but we soon hopped over to Boiler~ ate some pizza, and other finger food, and started on our booze~ Martel and Vodka Redbull~

danced the night away til we were all tipsy before we ended the night~ =)

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