Saturday, January 30, 2010

Root Canal Treatment Done!

Root Canal Treatment Done!

woke up early this morning and head down to my dentist with lotsa butterflies in my tummy! yeap i was so frightened that my tummy started to hurt just as i was about to reach the place~

he first checked on my teeth, after which did an x-ray. after looking at the 2D xray, he initially thought it aint as bad and had wanted to do a refilling to try save the tooth first. and so he gave me a jab to numb the area, after which proceeded to remove the fillings that was in place. that was when he found out that the tooth had cracked further than expected or as shown in the 2D x-ray that was done. thus without hesitation he started on the root canal treatment by first drilling a hole and then removing the nerves in the affected tooth! subsequently they place some medication into the area to disinfect the tooth before filling it back up~ and Wala~ DONE!

Guess it aint as scary as i thought it would be! Phew~ I know it does sound pretty scary, which is the reason why i was so afraid til i literally shivered throughout the whole process! Til the dentist told me i can rinse my mouth , and i asked if it is done, that i realized i had survived through one of my greatest fear with no pain at all! ok except for the first jab to numb the gums though. haa!

Yay to me! =) for conquering my fear of needles, fear of dentist, fear of root canal! hehe!

i had mentally prepared myself for more pain after the numbness has fade off and also for the next few days as warned by some friends , but to my surprise i didnt feel any pain at all! the only pain is the sore i get when i bite on that tooth! and so now i can only chew on my left, and avoid eating hard stuff! hopefully the sore would go off soon!

gotta go back again next week to check on the tooth! if there aint anymore infection what so ever, he will officially fill it back up with better fillings and case closed for the time being! =) weeeeeeeee~

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