Monday, January 18, 2010

Problem Solved!

Problem Solved!

the problem i posted yesterday on my plugging in my iPhone to my Acer Laptop which causes a shutdown and restart with an error message has been SOLVED!!!

Search online and asked around, and here is the solution for other iPhone users who may also encounter the same problem! =)

Solution: Simply email the photos in your Camera Roll album if you want to transfer or back them up, and DELETE all of them off! Even if there is ONLY 1 photo in the camera roll album, the problem will occur!

Note: This doesnt apply to all laptops or desktops. Only certain ones.

Reason due to: iPhone drain too much power from your computer, thats way the computer is shutting down to protect your system.

If you want to transfer via computer, you may have to try another laptop or computer or system that is able to do so. Just like me, i simply use my bro's laptop or my other Lenovo mini notebook! =)

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