Friday, January 1, 2010

Its a New Year! 2010~

Its a New Year! 01/01/2010~

had a countdown house party at Mr N's relative's place last night. as usual, the place was filled with lotsa people and activities going on~ there were 2 mahjong tables at play, people BBQing, people cooking at the balcony, eating and chatting, fondues, a poker table at play, people playing Band Heroes on the PS3, people playing with Aston (the resident doggy) and Abby (the resident Chinchilla), etc etc.

On top of the countdown and house party, we also celebrated Aston's 1st birthday! =)

i dont have the photos taken of that day, but i did manage to get some photos of Aston and his birthday cake~ =) super cute right! and he's pretty smart as well!

Overall it was a fantastic night which ended at 4+am~ Looking forward to a better year ahead~ and i wish everyday would be as fantastic, exciting and happy~ =)

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