Monday, January 4, 2010

GoodBye Omnia and Omnia II~

GoodBye Omnia and Omnia II~

been hesitating for quite awhile and finally i've decided to let my Samsung Omnia go~ its a phone i like alot due to its functions and outlook~ and a phone i took very long to eventually finally got hold off. but now i've decided to let it go..

a few reasons behind my decision~ firstly cuz i worry it might die on me in time to come as a lil water had entered before~(though at the moment it is working perfectly fine~!) on top of that, it holds too many memories which are both hurtful yet memoriable, and my current bf isnt too happy about it.. plus its a new year and a new start to everything, and so i wanted a new phone to start afresh~ away from those past memories and past regrets, as i've made a new year resolution to put them away and behind me...

and after much consideration between the Omnia 2, Blackberry Bold and iPhone 3GS, i've decided to get the iPhone 3GS! Omnia 2 comes only in Black and i didnt really like it as its pretty bulky though the functions are pretty good since i've played with Mr N's Omnia 2. and i do realize its kinda lag which really turns me off~ the Blackberry Bold had been recommended to me by a couple of friends and i was really tempted to get it as it does comes in White! Plus its very fast and the graphics are really good! But its not touchscreen and i'll have to apply for a additional Blackberry service to utilize the pushmail~ a major turn off for me as well! =( (pretty broke now! so i wanna avoid any additional cost when possible~) and so the last on my list is the iPhone 3GS which does comes in white! (i like!), it has lots of applications which i like, and its recommended by majority of my friends! and so i decided to get it in the end though the thing i didnt like bout it is that it doesnt have the bluetooth function and its way tooooo common! i didnt really like to have the same thing that everyone else has! i prefer to be unique~ haha! but i guess in this case im gonna make an exception~ plus the iPhone was also an option i had been struggling with when i bought my Omnia last time! and since i already have the Omnia, i guess now i could have the iPhone! weeeeeeeee~ =)

gonna be selling my Omnia and also Mr N's Omnia 2 tomorrow~ and meanwhile i'll be holding on to a sparephone til i get hold of the iPhone 3GS in a couple of weeks time! haha! have to wait for my mobile plan to be at least 1 year!! but i would still have to pay a $100 fee since its still not more that 20mths~ but after some calculation done i still think its better than i get another line and pay the subscription fee every month for 2 years and have no use for it!!

so goodbye my beloved Samsung Omnia~ u'll be missed! (haha yea i know im very sentimental! as always!)

Last Glimpse of My White Samsung Omnia and Mr N's RoseBlack Samsung Omnia 2

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