Saturday, January 16, 2010

Custard's 2nd Birthday at K9 Cafe!

Custard's 2nd Birthday at K9 Cafe!

prepared all of Muffin's essentials and off we went to K9 Cafe located at Turf Club Road~ Gosh, its really a place thats inconvenient to get there if u aint driving! and even if u are driving there for the first time, there is a high possibility u may get lost, miss the turn, overshoot the road and go into turf city, and cant find the place!!

well, u guessed it! all that happened to me! LOL! i droved right into Turf City, and then i drove to Ah Yat restaurant, an then to some kindergarten, and to the old horse stable! -.-" after making many turns and asking for directions, i FINALLY found the place~

and when i finally found the place, i realise it is really very cramp in there, and theres only a small road leading in! limited car park lots as well! thank god i did find a lot to park though~

upon reaching, saw a few familiar faces(Joanne, YunXin, ShinYu, Mdm Leow), chatted, let Muffin play with his doggy friends(Custard, Jacky, JiaJia, Oreo, Cody, Peppy, Pepper, etc) , and eat a little. then it was cake cutting time, photo snapping, and more chatting, til Muffin got attacked by 2 outsider's dogs! a Jack Russel and a Westie~ gosh~ theres so many dogs there, i wonder what Muffin did, that made them attack him! Poor Muffin! Screamed and whine and ran for his life~ we were all shocked and faster went to check out what happened. i then quickly rescued Muffin up~ He must have gotten quite a shock! cuz he was shivering very badly when i hug him! Damn the 2 dog owners who let their dogs loose and not watch over them, knowing they are so aggressive!!

Some of the doggies that were present~
(Top left to Bottom Right: Jacky, Custard, Bubbles, Cody and Muffin!)

ShinYu and her birthday boy, Custard, with the lovely Apple shaped birthday cake!


anyway after it all, went home and Muffin slept right thru til dinner, and we brought him out for a walk again~ =)

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