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[Backdated!] Girls Nightout!

[Backdated!] Girls Nightout!

on the 19th December 2009, Saturday, headed down to Vivocity to meet Jerrain, and her 2 friends, Janet and Rachel~ I love making more new girl friends~ and they are both really friendly nice and sweet! =)

upon meeting up with them we head to St James~ had wanted to go to Dragonfly first to get their bags which were in the locker~ well they had went down for some event thingy earlier on~ but the queue was horrendous~ and so i called Nathalia~ and she happen to be at The Boiler~ and so off we head to The Boiler first to get myself in~ upon settling down at Nath's table, met with the other WG people~ had Tequila Shots, Tequila Pop, Submarine, and beer~ watched the live band there before the girls decide to leave as they were pretty tired~ and so off we left Boiler~ Jerrain and I then took a cab and had wanted to go to Keppel Marina Bay to meet her friend, Hansen. but upon reaching we realized its closed and so we rerouted and stopped along Keppel Road and waited for Hansen to come pick us up before we head to Mr Bean, supposedly to chill. But both me and Jerrain craved for more drinks!! haha~ and so we ended up across the road at The Crew Room~ and shortly upon going in, bumped into my secondary school friend Vanessa and her bf Ronald! been awhile since i last saw them~ so was glad to see them there! =) anyway ordered a bucket of Heineken and some chicken wings~ played Five-Ten, Dice, etc. and its the first time in the whole of 3years of knowing Jerrain, that i kept losing to her in Five-Ten! gosh~ either i've deproved since i've not gone to such places and played this game for the LONGest time~ or she have improved~ or im just down on luck that day~ or im probably kinda distracted by some thoughts in my mind~ but in anyway im quite lucky cuz our punishment for that day wasnt to drink as we usually would, but instead i had to eat the awful tasting chicken wings~ hahaha! Well, thats cuz both of us girl had finished our bucket of drinks by then since Hansen couldnt drink much as he was driving~ and we had lotsa chicken wings leftover and didnt wanna waste it! haha!

anyway after that, headed over to Boatquay, Raining Bar to meet CT, Tiong and Felicia and continue drinking before Raining eventually closed and off we head to Club Nana~ All of us gotten our chops to enter except Felicia, as she had lost her wallet that day and didnt have any ID with her! and since she looks pretty young, the dumb bouncer didnt allow her in! and so we sat around thinking of other alternatives~ But by that time, i was kinda feeling terrible~ i wasnt drunk for sure as i know everything that was going on around me! But i felt like puking! -.-" gosh~ i hadnt puke in the longest time!! guess i either drink too fast that day, or cuz i didnt have dinner, or i mixed too many kinda alcohol for the night~ -.-" argh~ super awful feeling~ and super unglam! -.-" and so i left for home for the night~

in anyway, the night was great, with wonderful company of my lovely friends, except for an issue that had kinda affected me the whole night, thus causing me to drink more and faster than usual...sigh~

anyway thanks to Hansen for fetching us around and taking care of us! and also to Felicia for taking care of me when i puked! =)

oh well, whatever that is, here are some photos of the girls~ =)
(i didnt bring my camera that day, thus couldnt take much photos, and Jerrain's camera ran out of battery! sigh~)

Group shot at Boiler~

Jerrain and Me @ The Crew Room

Hansen and Jerrain @ The Crew Room

Me eating the awful tasting chicken wing! haha! yea i gotten comments that says i eat it in a way that it looks as if the chicken wings taste good! haha! cant help it! i always tend to make awful tasting food looks tasty! hahha! =p thus dont be fooled~ LOL!

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Thank for support nana chicken wing :)
Chef david of club nana.Creater of nana chicken wing :p

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