Friday, December 31, 2010

Good bye to 2010! Happy New Year 2011!


Without saying, EVERY single year i will list down my new year resolution and this year was no exception.

My 2011 New Year Resolution!

* Save MORE money!
* Lose 7kgs of weight!
* Work really hard and aim to achieve my newly set personal targets for Year 2011!
* Pick up Korean Language!
* Improve my temper, patience and tolerance!
* Keep fit and healthy!

With my 2011 new year resolution set in place, lets just go through it and see if i've achieve my new year resolutions for this year 2010!

My 2010 New Year resolution List!
1. Find a job i really like and enjoy!   (Yeap! my current job is definitely something i like and enjoy doing!)
2. Be more hardworking in my next job! (i believe i've been more hardworking this year for sure! =p)
3. Learn more new things! (dance, cookery, new sport, etc.) (Salsa dance!)
4. Be healthy! Exercise more and watch my diet! (swimming, badminton, cycling)
5. Be a better person! (in a way, i personally feel i've achieved this. =p)
6. Earn more moolahs! (sad to say i've not exactly earned as much as i want to)
7. Lose 7-10kgs! (achieved it for awhile, but kinda gained back the weight again! =p)
8. Stop looking back, and forget all regrets, and just be happy at present and look forward to a better future! (proud to say that i've done this too! =))

Hereby wishing each and everyone of you loyal readers and passerby a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!
May the new year ahead be filled with lotsa happy events and wonderful surprises awaiting for us! All the very best and may all of you be blessed! =) ♥ 

Last but not least, i want to THANK everyone who have contributed to making my year 2010 sucha memorable year with beautiful memories! Lets all WELCOME the new year with a HAPPY and open heart! =)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry X'mas 2010! and Happy New Year 2011!

Its the most talked about, most loved, most sang about festive season of the year again! Christmas!

Tons of people in the shopping malls crazily shopping and grabbing for presents! and the time when most gifts shops and departmental stores get really busy and harvest the most profits for the year! I was no exception! Only this year my shopping was done really last minute as i dont have the time to shop nor the finances to do so. Thus i could only make do with simple presents which i felt was convenient, affordable yet practical. Hopefully those who received them wouldnt feel that im an insincere cheapskate! Please pardon me this year! Well, i just started out my new job and im not exactly earning alot, plus my expenses and liability have increased and im barely making ends meet~

Anyway just a quick update of my pre-xmas, xmas, and post xmas~

Thursday after work, met up with my long time good friend, Sherlyn, Rene! Its been a year or 2 since we last met up, and its just so nice to finally be able to arrange a meet up with her! It was totally last min, we only confirmed the meet up 1hour before we meet! but im glad we were both able to make it! Met up with her at Plaza Singapura and we head to Manhattan Fish Market for our dinner. Catch up quite a bit and enjoyed the seafood platter for 2 which we ordered! But it soon got rowdy as many tables were celebrating their birthdays, and thus we decided to leave and head to Starbucks to continue our catching up session while enjoying our cup of frappe! Soon it was late and she wasnt feeling too well after consuming her medication, and so we bid farewell and headed home for the night! [Sherlyn, Its been an awesome catch up session and im looking forward to our next meet up! Get well soon sweety! =)]

Sherlyn And Me, And Our Seafood Platter for 2 at Manhattan Fish Market!

Friday was a half day of work for me as it was Christmas eve! Everyone was in the holiday mood and i believe no one was actually doing any productive work! There were gift exchange session, lotsa celebrating, singing, and drinking in office~ But as half my team wasnt around, me and Peggie were practically stoning away and were feeling super transparent as we were not exactly involved in any of those mentioned activities since we were both very new and still not that close to everyone in office. I guess thats one of the problems with working and being new in a huge organization. (But still glad i've got nice colleagues, manager and director who didnt forget us and gave up xmas pressie! Thanks!! I especially love the M.A.C lipgloss from my director! Hehe! and of cuz the other pressie were wonderful too! =)) Soon it was time to knock off and i headed home to get changed before Geraldine and Peppy came over to pick me and Muffin up and we head over to Pet Mover's Dog run at Pasir Ris Farmway! Met up with Valarie and her 2 furries and we spend the rest of our afternoon there. In the evening, Geraldine send me and Muffin back home. Bathed Muffin and rested a little before Bf came over to pick me up and we head to his uncle's place for Christmas gathering, dinner and countdown with his relatives!

Pressies from my Adecco Colleagues! =)

Yours Truly! Camwhoring in Office!

At Pet Movers Dog Run! Muffin And Peppy!

As for yesterday, Saturday, Christmas Day, woke up late as the party only ended at 3plus to 4am the night before. Watched tv the whole day, played our Hello Kitty mahjong, and then head to Tampines Mall for dinner at Din Tai Fung. Did some window shopping and bought the Monopoly Deal cards, before we head home and played with it.

Today woke up and washed up. Had brunch and in the afternoon we head to Plaza Singapura to do some shopping! Sweety boy bought me a couple of stuff such as a new PINK panasonic ear piece, Loreal facial foam, a new PINK comb, toothfloss and a new pair of pretty heels! =) Thanks my dear! After it all, went for dinner before we head back to his place. Laze around a little before he sent me back home! =)

Muffin with his new haircut (he just went for full grooming this morning!) and his xmas pressie from ME! Toy Carrot! Hehe!

Anyway hereby wishing each and everyone, MERRY X'MAS!! May your xmas be filled with lotsa fun laughters joy and gifts! Hope everyone had been blessed during this jolly season! =)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Hairstyle! Finally!


After ranting about it for the longest time! After hesitating for at least 5 years! i FINALLY booked an appointment with my favourite hair stylist at Chapter2 to get my hair cut and curls~

Was soooooo sick and tired of my lifeless boring long straight hair and i needed a change, a new style, a new look!

Woke up early today and we had brunch and watched TV. In the afternoon we headed out to Plaza Singapura and i went straight to Chapter2 to get my hair done! He picked up his scissors and SNIP~ 6-7 inches of my hair was off~ So not use to it when i touch my hair! So short~

After which he proceeded to apply the stuff on my hair to do my curls! Total it took about 4hours! Poor bf waited for me all alone! So sorry my dear~

But i must really say, I LOVE MY NEW HAIRSTYLE! shorter lighter hair and pretty curls! Hehe! My hairstylist is just awesome!! I simply told him i wanted to curl my hair, and left the rest to him to decide! I have really no idea what kind of perm it is at all~ Even the length of my hair was decided by him! And i must really compliment that he is pretty good at what he's doing and most importantly he knows what i want and what suits me best! =) 


But then again, it better be good!! Cause its soooo expensive! Feeling super broke now! My hair cost me $300+! Damage again!

(So GLAD and thankful my Bf, family and friends mostly commented that it looks good! Else im so gonna have to bang my head on the wall! =p)

Anyway after everything was done, i bought a hair mask treatment for my hair, made payment and we head up to Ichiban Sushi for dinner~ *YUM*


Food was good! Not sure was it cause we're both really hungry though. Haha!

After food, we shopped around a little before heading back home for the night! =)

Hereby apologize to my Bf again for making him wait for me for soooo long~ And thanks to him for the patience and for dinner~ =) ♥

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Advertorial: Aloe Lip Balm

Introducing a very Moisturizing, Handy yet Inexpensive Lip Balm to all my readers!!

With Jojoba

As most people are working in offices with air condition these days, our skin gets really dry and flaky. Most of us, including myself owns a body lotion or moisturizer and either place it in office, put it at home or simply bring a little handy bottle around so that we can apply whenever we feel dry. But some of us tend to neglect our lips and forget that our lips have skin as well! Since body lotions and moisturizer arent edible, we cant apply them on our lips. Most of us simply drink water to wet our lips, but you'll realize that the effect isnt lasting and at times it doesnt really help especially when the condition is pretty serious. My lips are always very dry and tends to crack, and i've been looking for a good lip balm for the longest time. I've used a few other brands including Lip Ice, but realize the moisturizing effect doesnt last very long and my lips would feel slightly sticky and i didnt really like the feeling of it.

A BIG THANKS to Vinci Lipgloss who had offered me the Aloe Lip Balm to try, and i must say i totally LOVE IT!

When i first open it up to try, the first thing that really attracted me to apply it was the Sweet Smell! Upon applying, i felt like my dry lips was Moisturized almost right away! I tried applying it only this morning before i head to work, and i didnt have to re-apply it til at least a few hours later! Really Long lasting effect and my lips doesn't feel as dry already! Unlike the other brands which i've used which i had to constantly reapply throughout the day plus as mentioned, i really dread the sticky oily after feeling, which isnt so for Aloe Lip Balm!

On top of that, since its named Aloe, it contains Aloe Vera extracts. And i believe as most may already know, Aloe Vera is really soothing and conditioning, and good for sunburns, burns and cuts. And true enough, i just read on some information on the Aloe Lip Balm and realize that the Aloe Lip Balm is also known as The Unofficial First-Aid Kit. Some calls it Mini-First-Aid, or First-Aid-In-A-Tube! Besides being able to protect the lips from the sun and dehydration, it also helps to relieve mosquito bites, burns, scalds, sores, cuts, itchiness,sunburns and etc. WITHOUT the unpleasant smell and burning sensation of normal balms and ointments!

Besides Aloe Vera Extract, it also contains Jojoba Oil, Beewax and Allantoin!!

Here is more information and the write up on the Aloe Lip Balm.

(Simply click on the photo for a bigger view of it!)

The good news i want to share here is that, Aloe lip Balm is now here in Singapore!! It is so popular in America that is it once said to be sold 5,000 pcs in 1 hour during a beauty bazaar!! How cool is that huh!!


Simply head to to Order yours NOW!

Its really inexpensive, and i personally think that this is a truly worthy grab!! Its currently ONLY selling at $8.00 (included of Normal postage)

I'm so gonna bring my Aloe Lip Balm around with me every where i go since its so light, handy and convenient! =) 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Advanced Xmas Lunch at The Ship!

As Jen would be heading for long annual leave, we decided to have an advanced Xmas team luncheon at The Ship!!

Food was alright only. But the place and atmosphere was quite good, service was alright and most importantly, my companions was great!

I shall just let the photos do the talking! =)

Group Photo!

After lunch, back at office! Jen with her Pressie from Me and Peggie! =)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy Dearest!! ♥ (Jenny's Housewarming, "Hello Stranger" movie)

Woke up yesterday and cabbed home to prep before I drove out and made my way to Jenny’s new place for her house warming party. Her house is so prettily done up! Especially her dressing table! Me and Rain da jie totally fell in love with it and kept taking photo of it! =p

Her room and pretty dressing table!

Camwhoring with my babes~

Again it was a catching up session for us and also we spend most of the time watching Rain’s son playing Wii games.

Time flies and soon it was time we left. Head over to pick bf after that and we head back to his place to rest for while bfore heading out to have dinner with his parents.
Shortly after dinner, I went home and decided to give my Dad his birthday present in advanced, so he can use it today, which is his actual birthday! =)

Well, me and my bro had bought him a new mobile phone! Its been awhile since my dad changed a new phone and so we thought this is the perfect time to do so! As he doesn’t like and isn’t used to a fully touchscreen device, we decided to slowly introduce it to him and bought him the Nokia X3-02 (Black) which was partial touchscreen and partial keypad! The keypad is mainly only used to pressing numbers and type messages, while every other functions are mostly touchscreen.

Helped him to transfer some of his stuff from his old phone and taught him how to use the new phone. Shortly he was excitedly exploring and playing with it! =P

So glad he likes it and is happy to receive a new phone! =)

As for today, woke up and prepared and we head out to Mandarin Oriental Hotel, MELT the world café to meet up with some other relatives for our Brunch! Its my 2nd time here and I must say that I still like this place a lot! The food is still good, the desserts are yummy, and the service is still TOP-notched! Though its pretty pricey ($98++ per pax), but I feel its totally worth every bucks we paid! This time round I managed to snap photos of the place and the food~ =)

MELT the world cafe, Mandarin Oriental!

Glorious Food! Sushi, Desserts, Cheese, Oysters, Lobsters, etc!

Chit chatting and catching up~

My Family and Relatives!

Totally recommended to all~

Brunch was awesome, relatives were all chatting away happily and catching up. Dad looks happy too! =) So glad I recommended this place to them, though his initial choice of restaurant was actually Equinox which was fully booked!

After brunch, we head out to their usual favourite hangout, Mount Faber Safra. Hanged around there til evening before we all parted and head home for the day.
At night, bf came to pick me up and we head to the new shopping centre at Serangoon, Nex, to meet his friend for the movie, Hello Stranger.

It’s a romance comedy! My fave kinda show! I was laughing uncontrollably one moment, and tearing up the next during very touching moments in the show! I must say their acting plus the storyline is just awesome!!

Basically it’s a Thai love story about two strangers who got to know each other during their holiday alone in Korea, they know nothing about each other and fall in love in the most comical yet romantic way. He is a football fanatic, videogame nerd, social butterfly, comic lover, tired of love stories and a cynic of love while she is Korean soap opera fan, beef lover, devout radio station listener, avid book reader, and homebody. Together, they are perfect strangers who will travel, eat, share a room, and talk about anything and everything including each others top secrets.

I would give it 4.5/5 popcorns! Recommended!! a MUST-WATCH! =)

Anyway, last but not least, HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY DADDY DEAREST!! May you be healthy, wealthy and happy always! =) Love you lots!! ♥♥ *hugs*

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hmmm... Should I?

Had been thinking about this for the longest time.

Should I take up the certificate and teach swimming on a part time basis over the weekends?

Would really enjoy teaching little kids~ On top of that as some of you may already know, i really love swimming, ever since a kid. Just sad that i stopped swimming and training after secondary school, due to vanity! Didnt want to be tanned or have a big built! Since young til secondary school days i've been swimming every single week! And since i was in my school swimming team and had to represent school for competitions i had to train very often; bout 2 to 3 times a week! Thus i was really worried i would grow to be even more muscular and tanned than i already was at that time!

Recent years, im also a certified open water and advanced diver. And i realise my passion for swimming is ever still so strong! I can safely say that i love all water sports!

Cant wait to try wake boarding, and pop by Wavehouse one of these days if possible!

Gosh, hesitating~ Have done some search online, and i'll have to go through a couple of test and all to be certified. Not sure if i have the time. =(

Plus, i dont wish to be tanned again~ Haha!

Should I? Should I not? Hmmm........

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Backlots! Jenny's Birthday Surprise!

Gosh, i really didnt expect myself to neglect my blog so badly.

Seriously have NO TIME! =(

Guess i wont be updating tooo much of what happen cuz i simply cant remember!

The most recent happening would be Jenny's Birthday Surprise at Rain da jie's place! We all prepared very much in advanced in hope that everything would turn out perfect! Rain had earlier on gotten Glenn to get Jenny's hubby no. so everything could work out the way we want it to! Jenny has no clue about anything at all!

On Saturday, met up with Glenn and Mike and we head to Lot1 to do our grocery shopping and bought the food, drinks and cake! Nice Glenn bought us both KOI! Yummy~ After we were done with everything we head straight to Rain's place to meet up and get everything ready! Alex arrived awhile later, and we were all waiting at the function room for the main VIP to arrive! Soon she came in and SURPRISE!!


She was totally caught off guard when her hubby created a story to get her to go there without realizing anything! The expression and reaction from her when she entered the room and see all of us there with the lighted birthday cake and singing her a birthday song was just PRICELESS! =)

After which we decided to surprise Rain as well, followed by filling our stomach with the food we bought as we were all very hungry! As Rain's son joined us, we decided to play UNO!! practically spend the whole night playing UNO and push-ups! Haha! well, thats cuz whoever doesnt win, will all have to do push-ups according to the number of cards we have left on hand!


fun times always seem to pass much faster! soon the celebration ended and we all decided to head off home~


it was a awesome day and im looking forward to meeting them AGAIN this coming saturday for Jenny's house warming! yet another UNO showdown! haha! =)

Anyway once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY Sweety! =)
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