Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers~

Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers~

Its Christmas again! definitely one of my favourite festive season! Cuz this is the season to be jolly~ fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaaa~ haha~

how time flies.. suddenly remember the old times where i use to attend lotsa Christmas parties, gift exchange sessions in office, etc. This year its much more toned down for me... went for a simple dinner with my family last night to Bumbu, a Thai-Indonesian Cuisine restaurant which also serves authentic peranankan food! =) its one of my dad's favourite restaurant as its opened by his friend's brother and it serves pernankan food (i've mentioned this before, but for my newer readers who may have missed it, FYI my family and i are all Peranankan!)~ we've been there a couple of times, and there we are yet again this year~ =)

Food as usual was delightful and we were never once disappointed~ =) and since i didnt take photos of this outlet(they have 2 outlets, i did take a few picts from the other outlet during my last visit there last year) the last few times i went, i decided to go around taking photos of the beautifully done up place~ =) each time i go there, it feels like a walk thru a peranankan cultural musuem~

some snapshots of the restaurant! lots and lots of pernankan culture antique!

our table! it has a glass showcase which displays lots of antique stuff such as marriage certificates, paper weight, plates, etc.~ and the bottom of the table is like a old antique sewing machine~

our foodie, drinks and desserts~

anyway after the wonderful dinner that was filled with laughters and family warmth, we headed home to rest for the night~ =)

my lovely family~
mummy n daddy~ lil bro n me~
'Please stop at TWO' campaign poster from the 80s! and the antique Ice Kachang Machine!

random shots taken at China Square Central~ with the xmas tree, lightings and deco~ =)
and thats my angelic lil bro~ haha!

had wanted to rest too, as i was pretty tired, but i ended up heading down to Mr N's uncle's place for a Christmas House Party! as i had already eaten before going down, i didnt eat much there, and only had some turkey ham, some drinks and a few glasses of wine which tasted really good! =) quite a no. of his relatives and his whole family were also there when i reached.. played some games, watch tv, watch his relatives played mahjong, and we played poker til the weee hours of the night before eventually heading home for the night~ and i gotten a box of Royce chocolates~ *loves* Yummy and Yay~ cuz its my favourite brand of chocolate!! hehe~

as for today, im at home rushing to complete and perfect my presentation slides for tomorrow's Oral presentation~ really worried!! cuz im a presentation idiot!! i cant present for nuts~ cuz i've got stage fright! and i stammer and panic when i have to face a crowd and talk! i always ended up laughing, giggling, forgetting lines, and have a really weird accent! sigh! im so scared that my heart is beating real quickly right now just thinking about it!

prays hard that all will be well tomorrow~ cuz after tomorrow it'll be all over~ (or at least i hope!)

Jia You Yuriko Jasmine! YOU CAN DO IT! =)

Meanwhile, MERRY XMAS TO ONE AND ALL once again! have a blessed joyful day! =) hope you people had received lotsa pressies and gifts! Hehe!

My Christmas Pressies for 2009~ =)
from Mummy, Mr N, MingYueh Jie and the Royce Chocs from Mr N's uncle and aunt~ Thanks all! =)

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