Monday, December 28, 2009

Ma Maison @ The Central

Ma Maison @ The Central

visited Ma Maison, a Nagoya based restaurant serving French-Japanese Fusion Cuisine, also known as Japanese Western food! when i first step foot in there, it felt really cosy and the ambiance is just breath taking~ it has a French cottage feel and the restaurant is pretty quiet and peaceful with nice soothing romantic music in the background and a beautiful view of the Singapore river and Clarkquay~ the interior design is pretty unique, decorated with many french antique pieces, cosy seats and charming tablewares~ the whole place felt very romantic and alluring, and i personally feel its great for couples~ only bad point is that you'll have to either go early or make reservations, as the place is pretty small and couldnt accomodate too many tables! and since its a fantastic place that also serves really good food at reasonable prices, the place is usually packed with people very quickly~

one other unique point is that each table are given a hotel like key for billing~ which gives us a 'checking out of some French hotel' feeling~ =)

the exterior~

the interior~ the decorative pieces, the tablewares and the unique hotel-like key for billing~
(P.S. my photos didnt do justice to the place at all! cuz i wasnt using a digicam or any DSLR~ instead these photos are taken by Mr N's Omnia 2! haha! forgotten to bring my camera out that day~)

we ordered his favourite Garlic bread and Escargot for our sides, and he had Hamburger Steak while i had Omu-rice! and its the first time i see such a huge serving of garlic bread! haa~ the escorgot taste exquisite! its served with black garlic and butter, and they serve it with the fire still burning below to keep the warm and to melt the butter~ just sad a plate only serves 6 pcs~ and we ate 3 each~ the Hamburger steak is really good as well~ very tender and the sauce is pretty tasty. and the Omu rice is pretty tasty and fragrant as well~ the rice and egg are all perfectly done and the meat is not bad, though we both felt it could be better~ =)

our yummy food~ =)

I certainly had a wonderful dining experience at Ma Maison Restaurant~ Thanks Mr N for bringing me there for dinner! =) and i'll want to go back again for more Escargot!! hehe~


This is definitely a place i would recommend to all you lovely readers~ You can either bring your partners there to have a romantic dinner, or also bring your friends, colleagues or even family there~ But do remember to go early (dinner starts at 6pm), or simply call to make reservations~ =)

Ma Maison Restaurant
6 Eu Tong Sen St
@ The CENTRAL #03-96
Singapore 059817
Tel: (+65) 6327 8122

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