Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009!~ Welcome 2010!~

Goodbye 2009!~ Welcome 2010!~

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all! Wishing everyone would have a fabulous 2010! Best wishes and blessing!

How time flies, another year have past in a flash again! feeling old right now! 2009 had been an eventful year for me! filled with lotsa happy memories and also sad ones. knowing some new good friends and also losing a few good ones. learnt alot of new things such as scuba diving, etc. lose someone who had been very precious to me, but also gaining a new love who dotes me alot. and last but not least, it also marks the end of my studies!~

Its definitely a year that i'll remember for many more years ahead!~

And now, i'm gonna welcome the new year, 2010, with lotsa hopeful anticipation! looking forward to a better year ahead filled with more happy memories and events to last a lifetime! =)

My 2010 New Year resolution List!
1. Find a job i really like and enjoy!
2. Be more hardworking in my next job!
3. Learn more new things! (dance, cookery, new sport, etc.)
4. Be healthy! Exercise more and watch my diet!
5. Be a better person!
6. Earn more moolahs!
7. Lose 7-10kgs! (ok this has been in my list every year! haha! still working on it! =p)
8. Stop looking back, and forget all regrets, and just be happy at present and look forward to a better future!

so whats your new year resolution? hehe!

anyway im gonna go prep for now! gonna go over to Mr N's relative's place for a house party cum BBQ and countdown to the new year! =) Hope everyone enjoy their countdown too! be it to party at clubs, the siloso beach countdown, house party, etc., Just remember to have fun!

Cheers to all!

and last but not least, once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 to one and all!

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