Tuesday, November 10, 2009

something tt caught my attention!

something tt caught my attention!

spotted this comment in my tagboard from an unknown person who named herself (i assume its a HER, but do correct me if im wrong, whoever u are.) as Li ng].

i seriously find it very interesting that this is posted up only now, considering that me and Mr S(my ex) had already parted for almost 2 months plus turning 3 mths. How time flies, now that i do mention it.

Honestly, i have some mixed feelings over whatever that was mentioned. On one hand, upon seeing that comment, i felt assured and a lil relieved that i made the right decision to leave him.. which is what most people would probably feel...

but on another hand, it makes me sad that i had been cheated on in the past, and was treated like a fool... But then again... its just a comment from some random unknown whom i have no idea if she/he is making up stories to either make me feel better about my decision or wants me to totally forget and give up on my ex so i wont ever think of bothering him or going back to him ever again (if its the latter, i would like to emphasize that there is no more turning back for me and him...and its a matter of the past for me now...so u dont have to worry and make up such stories to make me hate him further...its really pointless considering that we arent even in contact anymore...)...

plus on another thought, it wouldnt be right of me to believe someone i dont even know and doubt my ex whom i had been with for 2years...

well whatever it is... i seriously dont enjoy hating people...its something really tiring.... and i've had enough of these hateful matters... plus to forgive and forget.... i would be able to continue living my life... =)

but being the usual curious me, if whatever was mentioned were to be true, please do contact me via email to explain further yea. thanks so much for the comment. =)

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