Thursday, November 19, 2009

Exams are OVER!!

♥ Exams are OVER!!

Like FINALLY~ after 3 years of mugging mugging mugging at King Albert Park McDonalds, Tea Garden Mcdonalds, Changi Airport Mcdonalds, Kallang Mcdonalds, Geylang East Central Mcdonalds, NLB, bishan, Alan's crib at Bayshore, etc~ its FINALLY OVER~

now left with my Final Year Project which is due on 5th Dec, and IM DONE with pursueing my Hons Degree from University of Bradford UK at MDIS!

i smell FREEDOM~


BUT, on another note, im gonna miss mugging and hanging out with my classmates, especially my Circle of Trust which mainly comprises of Jerrain, Mike, Kelvin, Alan and Jeffrey whom have been with me for the whole of this 3 years, and also Seth, Glenn, Alex, June, Shufen and Jenny who joins us once in awhile in yr1, yr2, or yr3.

they've gone thru alot with me, be it my ups and downs, suffering days of mugging without sufficient sleep, and also enjoyable and fun moments like drinking sessions, partying sessions, ktv sessions, makan sessions, movies, swimming, birthday parties, etc. being there for me when im down and all~ helping me alot in my studies, sharing of notes, giving me alot of advices and lectures about life and how to be better as a really proud, glad and happy to have known this bunch of people whom i can really call true FRIENDS! =)

Big HUGS to all~ ♥ love ya all~ =)

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