Thursday, November 5, 2009

drink drank but not drunk!

drink, drank but not drunk!

yesterday, went out to Orchard to meet Erica! shopped around til our legs were tired before we went to get our fave Ice Milk Tea from Mos Burger and proceeded to find a spot to sit down, rest our feets, take photos and catch up on each other's life, while we waited for Caelyn to reach. After she reached we head over to Sushi Tei for dinner!

with Erica while waiting for Caelyn~

Yours Truly~

Us at Sushi Tei~

After dinner we continued shopping around and eventually ended up at McDonalds for ice cream. Then we suddenly decide to head down to Boatquay for a few drinks! Met up with Vic (Caelyn's bf), and headed again to McDonalds as Vic havent had his dinner. After which we went to The White Bar for our drinks~ Vic and Caelyn left earlier, while Erica and Me decide to pub hop~

Us at The White Bar~

Headed to Legends and Raining Bar for the night~ jugs and buckets of beer we had, before we ended the night and head home in the morning at about 5am! =)

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