Monday, November 23, 2009



lost focus while in the midst of doing my FYP. theres just way too many distractions around my house. and one of it would definitely be my room~ was looking around my room and realize i've got alot of unused and unwanted stuff lying around which is cluttering up my already very messy and filled up room! and so i did a little Spring cleaning before the actual Major spring cleaning for next year 2010's Chinese New Year! better to clear some now so by then it would be so much easier~

and so i started off by clearing up and throwing away some old bags, shoes, clothes and other misc. in fact i threw away more than half my collection of shoes just now!! and rearrange and packed up the shoe rack and place some of the shoes into shoe boxes to prevent them from damaging further~ threw at least 1/3 of my collection of bags as well...realize they are already very old and i hardly use them...and they are just taking up alot of space in my closet! and so out they all went~

but even so, i still think my input is always more than my output! especially in the case of my clothes and bags! i've already ordered another 2 new bags and a new wallet~ 1 of it is a sling bag from Coach which ETA should be from 3rd to 10th Dec09! weeeeee~ will blog about it by then~ and also a Gucci cosmestic bag and wallet which ETA is still whichever way, i'll blog about them by then~ Yay!

lately have the urge to splurge! im not sure why either, probably cuz CNY is approaching, due to post exam syndrome or im simply starting to LOVE myself more! wahahha!

in the past i use to save up and always wouldnt bear to buy expensive stuff for myself... when in fact i was buying expensive stuff for thinking back...why was i so DUMB! and so, after much reflection done on my past...i've decided to change my way of life~ now i ONLY want the BEST!

besides tangible things, old stuff like old unpleasant and unwanted memories and people in life would be cleared off from my brain~ as the saying goes~ 旧的不去新的不来!(and if u're wondering what that means, it means "if the old dont go, the new cant come") and so im gonna move on and just focus on the better stuff and better future ahead of me~ and im gonna be terms of being a better person, improving myself in every aspects as well! of cuz i wont clear off the happy memories and the nicer people i've met in my life til date~ =)

and so Cheers to me and to a better life ahead of me! =) weeeeeeeee~

Loving myself more each day~ Haha!


Anonymous said...

thanx you vry nice post alışveriş

Yuriko said...

:) thanks~

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