Wednesday, October 7, 2009



dreads my current hair
dreads my weight
dreads my size
dreads my complexion
dreads my skin tone
dreads my teeth
dreads my fat thighs, arms and tummy

so many things i dread bout myself! i think i need a major extreme makeover~

i want softer silkier longer straighter hair
i want to lose 7-10Kgs ASAP
i want to down a few sizes
i want smoother clearer and flawless complexion
i want to lighten my skin tone and be VERY fair again
i want straighter whiter healthier teeth
i want to have nice well-toned and slim legs and arms and a flat well-toned tummy

theres alot of things i gotta start doing right now to achieve this list of things i want!!

i need ALOT of determination, encouragement and motivation!!

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