Thursday, September 17, 2009

special thanks! =)

special thanks! =)

this post goes out to my wonderful Circle Of Trust! Yeap, and they are non other then my study group, Jerrain, Mike, Seth, Jenny, Kelvin, Alan, Glenn and Jeffrey! =) thanks so much for the lovely surprise birthday cake and present!

love it so much! =) *Big Hugs* to all! =)

had thought this year would really be a goner. thought i wouldnt even have a bday cake, nor celebration, nor birthday song sang to me. but these lovely people really made me felt so loved and touched! =) really glad and happy to know them all!

present and bday card from Mike korkor! =)

the present from my Circle of Trust! Samsung U5 mp3 player! weeeeeee~ needed this badly as i've lost my previous one! hehe! now i have a new toy/gadget to play with during my mugging days and thruout my MRT/bus rides! hehe! =D

with my surprise bday cake and present!

with some of the members of my lovely Circle of Trust =)

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