Friday, September 18, 2009

Muffin meets my 2 Besties~

Muffin meets my 2 BFFs~

yesterday brought Muffin to East Coast Park to meet my 2 BFFs, Caelyn and Erica! They had supposedly asked me to go cycling with them, but since i had school and Muffin havent been to East Coast for a long time, i decided to take this opportunity to bring Muffin for his walk and also meet my BFFs for dinner at McDonalds before i go to school and before they went cycling~ =)

My Lil Darling Muffin, during his walk at ECP! He's stealing the limelight as usual~ haha!

With my BFFs at McDonalds!

While walking back to my car, Muffin spotted his furry friend, and decided to give chase and say "Hello"! haa!

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