Sunday, July 26, 2009

Now Heaven be Open~

Now Heaven be Open~

Because of You -CHC

Because of You, I was born again
Because of You, I’m ransomed by Your grace
Because of You, My heart has found a home
A refuge for my soul

Because of You, Sins are washed away
Because of You, Heaven knows my name
Because of You, I can live again
You’ve broken every chain

Unfailing Love, so unreserved, You gave Yourself on Calvary
And now I stand, forever free, My Saviour rescued me.

Now heaven, be open, Our God is, unshaken, We worship, Christ risen High above
Now heaven, be open, All kingdoms, all nations, Declare that “You are God”

A very nice song that i learn during our saturday service at CHC! i especially love the Bridge part~ =)

anyway just a quick run thru of my weekend...

1) Friday spend my day slping til afternoon and rotted til evening Stan came over for dinner with my below my place and we went back to his place to rot and waited for time to pass. At 8pm we went for our CellGroup Meeting which was awesome before heading back to his place to rest for the night.

2) Saturday woke up to eat, rot, nap, watch tv, and in the evening we went for our church service at CHC. Service was gd as always and we learnt new songs of praise and worship! After service, it was fellowship time where we had dinner at Geylang Lor 9! Had the yummy Beef Hor fan! havent eaten that since years back in my clubbing days where i use to go eat with Linda and friends! =) Anyway after that didnt join them for durians or ktv as Stan had to attend a funeral and thus send me home first.

3) i stayed home the rest of the night of Saturday. had wanted to go out. But was suffering with a bad headache again! *sulks*

4) Sunday, which is today, woke up and rotted my day away...did some troubleshooting for my Mum's computer, watched tv, and took a nap, woke up had dinner and watched tv and here i am online now~

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