Thursday, July 2, 2009

LuLu have new strings!!

LuLu have new strings!!

if you're wondering again...Lulu is my Black Beauty Guitar! haha! Well, i left it with Winston during my last guitar lesson, and took his Classical guitar home. and while he was tuning Lulu, one of the strings broke!! And thus Winston was VERY nice to go get the whole new set of strings for Lulu and taught me to restring it during my guitar lesson again with him today! Yay! New set of strings for Lulu! now Lulu looks much newer, brighter and nicer! =D

Winston's Classical guitar! (FYI. he has 3 guitars at home! other 2 are acoustic just like Lulu)

Removal of of strings~ Lulu is naked!! =p

Restringing in Process~

Lulu's new strings~ with Colourful ends! weeeeeeee~

On top of that, we bought the whole pack of Yupi Gummy Bears to eat as we're both having Gummy Bear Cravings! LOL! Gummy Bears are LOVE♥!! Yuriko is a Silly Happy Girl!! =D

Yupi Baby Gummy Bears!! Rawr!!! hehe!

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