Sunday, June 14, 2009

Im already starting to miss my beloved Baby!

Im already starting to miss my beloved Baby!

Baby just flew to India, Chennai, to give training! sigh..and he'll only be back next Saturday morning! Its only been a few hours since i last saw him. but im already missing him and worrying bout him. I know he's a grown man who is able to take care of himself. but i just cant help but worry as long he aint in my sight! on top of that he is miles apart from me right now! =( *sulks*

Anyway i pray that our Holy Father Lord will always be with him and watch over him throughout his stay in India! May our Father Lord grant him strength and wisdom! may his training go well too! =) with all these i pray in Jesus precious name! Amen!

I cant wait for him to be back~ counting down 5 and a half days! =)

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