Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thai Song - ''Ying Kwa Sia Jai" by thai singer Punch

Thai Song - ''Ying Kwa Sia Jai" by Thai singer Punch

Dont ask me why, but i'm just in love with Thai Songs these days! Thats actually even before my Bangkok trip! In fact i've been listening to Thai song for a few months and they're even on my hp and mp3 player! In anyway, hope you enjoy this song! =) One of the few songs i've been listening to these days. Some of the songs that i have and like alot, im not sure how to read the title, thus im unable to find the music video in youtube to upload them here. Though i cant understand exactly what they are singing, but the tune is really nice and i've checked the meaning of some of the songs i have and most of them happen to be sad love songs.You can request from me if you are interested though! =) Enjoy~

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