Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Poor Darling probably feels very naked now!

My Poor Darling probably feels very naked now.

He is back from grooming and its as if he's having some kinda morale issue. The usual Vainpot Muffin who loves to camwhore doesnt seem to enjoy having his photos taken. He kept looking away from the camara, hiding himself, turning away or simply dig his head into the blanket or face down. And he's not smiling in any of the photos at all! Thus making it very difficult for me to snap many picts of him. Could only manage to snap a few before i eventually gave up and let Muffin rest.

Anyway My parents and bro commented he looks like a lamb now. Haha! All of us thinks he looks kinda skinny now and he looks better with long fur. But my dad feels he looks cuter now without his long fur. Haha!

In anyway my silly Darling, I still LOVE you all the same! *hugs*muacks* =)




MalteseLover said...

He looks very small and skinny! But still looking very cute!

Yuriko said...

haha yea! =) anyway thanks from Muffin! *woofwoof*

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