Sunday, February 15, 2009

Val Flower Shop Opening!

Val Flower Shop Opening!

My aunt just opened her own flower shop, named Val Flowers, located at Raffles Place, Afro Asia Building! 63 Robinson Rd #01-02. We went down to support her, chat with my aunts, uncles and cousins. Its quite a nice shop and the location is not bad too! Just next to MPH! Hey people, if you guys are planning to get flowers be it for gf/bf, company events, or whatever the occasion, do go down and support her! She'll definately not disappoint you with her excellent service!! Thanks! =)

Val Flowers!
With my Favourite Sun Flower!!

After which we went to Parkway to shop for some stuff. Bought myself hair conditioners as the one i put at Baby's place just finished. Also bought a new Banana Boat Sunblock Spray for our pool dive next wk and scuba dive session in march! Plus it can also be used for future outdoor activities! =) The sun rays nowadays is horrible and Baby kept complaining tt everytime he goes out into the sun he gets freckles, thus have to get sunblock for him!

After which i bought him a new Swimming trunks for his valentines day gift! haha! Well the one he has is pretty old alrdy thus he needed a new one badly~ so~ hahah! Baby then went to get me my favourite Famous Amos Cookies!! Yummylicious~ =D

Famous Amos Cookies!!

After that we went to the bookstore and looked for some new books, but ended up came out empty handed as we didnt spot anything new or interesting. After which we headed home~

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