Saturday, February 21, 2009

Loves House Party!

Loves House Party!

woke up and prep and he came to pick me up. went to JooChiat to get my fave Durian Puffs, after which went home to rest and watch tv. In the evening, we went to AnAn and Anthony's place for house party with Angela, Jefre, Kelvin, Serene, Cheryl, her bf and Jenson!

AnAn and Anthony would be cooking for us! excited! haha! and they had bought Sushi for backup plan. haha! Plus Jenson brought along some cake! yummy!

They cooked mushrooms and some veg, spagetti with chicken! it was not bad since its their first attempt~ haa!

After dinner, some of then played Mahjong, some watched tv and chatted while Me, Angela and Serene got hooked on Uno Stako! LOL! we totally went wild! haha! laughing and screaming til our bf and husband can hear us from outside! LOL..was there til 1am before bf and me had to leave as we had to wake up very early the next morning~

Would defiantely wanna have such houseparties again soon! i love house party! =)

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