Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Pool Dive Experience!

First Pool Dive Experience!

woke up VERY early in the morning, prep and ate a light breakfast and went with bf, his niece Shevonne and his mum who was coming along to watch out for Shevonne, to his bro, James place to get the Scuba Dive Equipment and we head down to Outram for our First Pool Dive Experience!

We were first instruct to swim 200M and do 10mins trackwater (not sure how to spell that, but if you're into swimming, you should know what im trying to say. In simple defination is to keep afloat in the water for 10mins) After that is done, its time for us to get into our Dive Suit and Equipments for the first time!

Both of us felt so silly! getting into the wrong side, forgetting to wet our wet suits before getting into them thus causing it to be very difficult to get into, and last of all, struggling to get into them as its very tight!! faints~ Trust me we both look super silly and his mum cant stop laughing at us!! i felt so embaressed at that time. But me being me, i just laugh it through as usual to save the embaressment! Haha!

In anyway we learnt the techniques of setting up the equipments and getting into them! Trust me i almost fell backwards while on land with the full dive gear which includes the VERY heavy compressed air tank! faints~ Thank god it can be keep buoyant (afloat) while in the water without any energy or strength! hehe!

Anyway, we learnt to get water out of the mask when in the water, breathe properly with the regulator, swimming with fins, alternating regulator with our partners in case of emergency when our air tank is empty, well every basic stuff required of a diver!

I must say its pretty interesting and quite a fun experience! Looking forward to my actual Open Water Dive in Malaysia next month! Weeeee~

And i must remember to apply LOTS of sunblock by then! Cuz even after applying sunblock today, i still ended up with Sunburnt on my face and hands! *sulks* Pain!!! Oh and i MUST also remember to remove all my accesories and earrings! =( *sobs* As i hardly remove my earstuds from my 2nd and 3rd earhole from my left ear, i totally forgotten about them! And thus at the end of the dive and after bathing i realise i lost 1 of it! =( So sad! Cuz its a gift from my mum a few years back from SooKee Jewellary! *sulks* Now im only left with 1 of it! Need to get new earrings soon! Cuz i cant wear costume jewellary for long else i will get ear infection! =( Double Boo!

At the Pool~ and My burnt hand! See the colour difference! =(

Us after the Dive! Red burnt faces!


calicolyst said...

The power of the sun > a bottle of cream.

Yuriko said...

Haha yea! Agree!

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