Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Finally a meet up with my 2 darlings!

Finally a meet up with my 2 darlings!

after so long, finally the 3 of us are able to meet up together. They're non other than Shirlene and Linda. Though i just met Shirlene last week, but i havent met Linda for quite some time. And the 3 of us havent gone out together for a even longer time! And so, we met up at PlazaSingapura, while awaiting for Shirlene to go fetch Javis (her son) to join us, Linda and i were catching up and chatting at Starbucks. Upon their arrival, we went to Kyoto Sabo AjiTei, a Japanese Restaurant which is located at the 2nd level. Chatted alot over dinner and complaint alot as well! The food was actually quite nice, but the service is horrendous! Took very long to serve the food, very difficult to get hold of any of the waiter or waitress attention and their attitude aint good either! faints!

the yummy food and dessert. dont mind one of the pict. forgotten to tk a snap of it before eating cuz we were too hungry since they took so long to serve the food! haha! its actually curry baked rice! =)

Anyway after dinner, we shopped around and bought some stuff from TheFaceShop before Shirlene's hubby come to pick us up and send us home. =) Its definately great to see them for dinner tonight and im looking forward to our Upcoming Thailand trip by end of March, together with Yvonne! Weeeeeeeeeee~

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