Monday, February 2, 2009

busy busy week! Day 4 & 5~

busy day 4 & 5~

Saturday, woke up and prep and went to Raffles Town Club to meet with Charles regarding the Aussie PR application, after which we went home watched tv and rested..and at night bout 8pm, we went to fetch Dilwyn and headed down to Phyllis's place to meet her, Celina, Remi, Adrian, JunHao, Ansley, JiaLiang, Jialiang2 and Jenson for Steamboat dinner! dinner was good and there were quite alot of food! very big prawns, scallop, fish, pig liver, veg, lotsa diff mushrooms, hotdogs, taiwanese hotdogs, crabsticks, squid, etc.~ and when i say big prawns, i really mean VERY BIG prawns~ very fresh and yummy! =)

the dining table!
the big prawns!
the guys~

after dinner, some of them(Phyllis, Celina, Jialiang2 and Ansley) played Mahjong while the rest of us (bf, me, Adrian, Jenson, Remi, Dilwyn, Jialiang and JunHao) went to Selegie, PoolJunction to play pool before we head to Mr Bean to sit, chat, have some beverages and played cards~ played til bout 4+ before we decide to leave for home.

Sunday, woke up and prep and went down to National Library Courtyard to attend bf's ex-classmates's baby 1 mth! very adorable baby indeed! =) met up with Marcus, YiFeng, Karen, David and Wenya. food was alrite, but i especially like the desserts~ yummy! hees`..both me and Karen cant stop having the chocolate fondue with marshmellow!

Baby and Me! wonder what we're laughing about cuz we look so happy! =p
Baby, Me and Marcus
Baby and Me yet again! =)
the guys~ Kenneth, David, Marcus and Baby
my new friend! WenYa (David's gf) and Me!
the girls~ Karen(Kenneth's gf), WenYa(David's gf) and Me! =)

as for today, didnt go to work and am on mc due to having a bad cold since past few days, and having a very bad rash on both my arms, hands and fingers! =( its disfigured, ugly, red, swollen, VERY itchy and pain in some areas...sobs~ plus im feeling super tired today due to the fact tt i was rushing my assignment til 4am last night! *sulks* dread assignments~ anyway gonna do some last min check on it and will be slping early tonight~ tmr still gotta get back to work and go to sch to hand in my assignment. ciao for now~


Yuriko said...

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Ken said...

wow the prawns are really huge!

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