Sunday, January 11, 2009

Updates of my wkend yet again! Photomug, oxtail horfun, raffles town club, movies, dinner with parents

Updates of my wkend yet again!

night after work, packet dinner for baby's family and headed over to his place. missed him alot and felt terribly lonely and didnt wanna be alone for the night, therefore decided to spend my night over and headed home only the next morning.

the photo mug!! =)

friday, baby didnt work as he took leave to go to CGH to collect his medical report.
he came to pick me in the evening and we went eat oxtail hor fan at lorong masjid, after which we head to parkway to check out laptops and window shopped for awhile before heading home..

the oxtail horfan and our bandung

sat woke up n rotted den in the afternoon we went to raffles town club to meet charles a australian migration consultant to dicuss on our aust pr issue before we head home to rot and had our movie marathon. watched YesMan, behind enemy lines - columbia, four xmas, marley and me!

as for today, woke up and rotted while he was studying, after tt he send me back and we had brunch at the coffeeshop below my place before we headed back to our individual homes..bathed muffin and helped abit with the spring cleaning at home and in the evening accompanied parents and muffin to bedok south for dinner before coming home..

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