Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Samsung Omnia

finally the arrival of my samsung omnia~

its been months since i wanted it! been waiting for the price to drop for a long time..but eventually i gave up and decide to buy it anyway...as the hello shops always says they have no stock..sad...so i had to resort to buying it online..thus had to wait for about 1 and a half wks for the delivery of the phone to my place! and that day happens to be today! weeeeeeeeeeee~

i simply love the box! its just so classy~ hehe! =) and yea i gotten the 16GB Omnia in White! hees`.. in love with white phones ever since i got my current or rather my last hp, Sony Ericsson W850i.

i love my old phone alot as its a bday gift from C, but aside from this fact, its indeed a very good phone which have come thus far with me since 2 yrs plus back in Dec06..its gone thru my ups and downs..and even went thru a serious accident with me back in jan07.. its now a sentimental item to me...and although now the phone is old, haf a few probs and probably spoiling...i doubt i will ever throw and sell it away... it will instead be kept away into my collection... its a new yr..a new phone...a new start for me...everything starts anew....and the past will just be memories to reminisce and learn from......

with all that said, i've got so many plans for my new toy and precious! will be customizing the interface to emulate the iphone, installing lotsa games, still considering whether to paste the skin for it or decorating it with crystals, getting the screen protector, etc etc~

anyway its charging right now...gonna go slp and i shall start to play with it tmr~ update more bout it soon! ciao for now~ nitey!

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