Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reunion Dinner on Chinese New Yr Eve!

Reunion Dinner on Chinese New Yr Eve!

its a practice, culture or tradition, that the chinese have a family reunion dinner on the night of chinese new yr's eve! for my family, its also the same. as usual, we had steamboat dinner at home accompanied by some home cooked food, 'yu sang', soft drinks and wine! =)

i feel its a really fruitful and meaningful thing as it builds and strengthens family bonding! =) only down side to it is theres lotsa preparations to be done, washing up and also lotsa cleaning up etc.

this year we also have a new family member to join us in our lovely family reunion dinner, and thats non other then our precious lil Muffin! on top of that, my beloved lil bro is out from camp for the chinese new yr as well! =)

the foodie and my family at our dining table! =)

'Lou hei' during our reunion dinner! =)


muffin had something sumptuous and tasty for dinner as well! look at how engross he is! he wouldnt even respond to our calling and licked his bowl totally clean!

my darling just cant stop fidgeting today! and end up most picts are blur from his moving and my mum have to hold on to him for the last shot!
thats muffin after eating! so lazy~ haha~
my lil 'botak' bro! haa! welcome to army life! =D

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