Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mixed Reactions!

Mixed Reactions!

well, went to work today, and theres lotsa mixed reactions towards my hair...some exclaimed its so expensive...some says no difference...some says looks more silky and smooth..some says they like the color...some says i wasted money...

well..im not too sure whether to be happy, satisfied, dissatisfied or upset bout these comments...but well..what i can say is..whats done is done...guess i just have to live with it....plus actually i do quite like it...basically there's no difference cause my hair was initially very straight already....plus i kept the length since i dread short hair...and the bottom part of my hair is still pretty dark in colour due to the black dye i did 1 yr back...

oh well.. i'll try not to brood too much over it for now~

here's a very very back dated video of Muffin on his first day with us playing with his new rope! =) he looks so cute and small back then..of cuz he still is very cute now..just not as small anymore..haha!

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