Monday, January 12, 2009

Photos of Lil Baby Me!

lil baby me~

as requested by Jerrain Da jie and Mike korkor after they saw my last post of my kiddy pict with my lil bro~ haha cuz the previous photo was kinda small~ =p my bad~ aha! anyway here's a few photos of the lil me~ theres way too many fotos taken when i was a lil kid, thus only chose a few to upload~ if u guys are keen to see more, can come over my place and i will dig all the old albums out to show u! hah!

i realise i always look super blur when i was a kid..haha!
i miss tt big panda! sadly mum gave it away.. but thankfully i still have the mickey til now! hees~
i love the ECP Mcdonald playground back then~ sadly kids nowadays dont haf the luxury of getting to enjoy it now since it was demolish a couple of yrs back~
on daddy's lap~
with my cousin who is 1 yr older~
back in nursery~
during a performace while in kindergaten~ =p

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