Sunday, January 18, 2009

I've successfully emulated the iPhone UI on my Samsung Omnia!

I've successfully emulated the iPhone UI on my Samsung Omnia i900!

woke up early this morning and about 6+am and fed my lil one while playing with my Omnia, so far, i've gotten the screen protector and installed the iPhone slide-to-lock thingy on my Omnia the day before, but felt i needed the iPhone UI so im able to control when i wanna lock it with the slide-to-lock instead of waiting for it to lock automatically. But as i was still feeling tired, i went back to slp til 10+am before waking up again to bring Muffin for his grooming session since ChineseNewYear is just next wk and i wanted him to look gd, clean and cute to go visiting! haha! well left him there and went home to install to program on my Omnia. as i was kinda impatient, some things cropped up and the system didnt work properly. *sigh*, but as it was time, went to fetch Muffin from the groomer and came home again to continue on my phone. Ended up i had to get my other half to check it up for me and redo the whole thing for me before it finally work! =) Happy! now both our Omnia are almost alike in terms of interface, etc. only difference is that mine is White, while his is black! Pretty happy with my phone now!

here's a vid of how his phone looks like. quality quite blur though. will tk another video with a clearer cam and upload it again soon! =)

My darling boy after grooming and with a green ribbon on his neck tied by the groomer! =)

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