Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Yr to one and all!! =)

Happy Chinese New Yr to one and all!! =)

hereby wishing all a prosperous, OX-picious (auspicious) and healthy yr ahead! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Xin Nian Kuai Le! Nian Nian You Yu!

Happy NIU 牛(OX) Year!!

its 3.52am right now and i just cant get to slp...insomnia again....its suppose to be a happy and festive season..but somehow im not exactly looking forward to it...somehow it always marks some negative happenings coming my way....i've got a couple of bad CNY and im really afriad to encounter anymore for this yr or for the years to come...'its a new yr...everything starts a new..' this phrase have got quite an impact to me as it flashes back some bad memories... its a new yr for the chinese and everyone is hoping this yr would be better than the previous yr...same applies to me..i do hope my future yrs would be better too..and i certainly hope 2009 would be better for me too...

some of the gd stuff about chinese new yr is that we get to buy and wear new clothes (which aint something special for me since im quite a shopaholic and buys new clothes quite frequently! =p), we get to collect 'ang baos'(red packets) while visiting (tts if we've yet to get married! so its gd im still considered single in terms of marital status! haa~), we get to eat some of the yummy CNY goodies, and we dont have to work as its a public holiday! weeee~

and some of the bad stuff would be to have to do lotsa spring cleaning which is really tiring and exhausting especially for me since i've got lotsa stuff on hand to do beside having to work and study too~ sighh.. plus we'll spend lotsa money buying new clothes and stuff, on our hair to have a new look for CNY, etc.

anyway i've better force myself to slp for now, as i'll have to follow my parents for visiting session tomorrow~

as emptiness creeps by this very really afraid.....really....

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