Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yummy Food @ Aston!

yummy food~

Our foodie @ Aston~

yesterday after work, went home and drove out to pick bf up and we went to katong's Aston for dinner. yummylicious steak! i ordered the prime sirloin steak with coleslaw and onion rings, while he ordered the black pepper sirloin steak with pasta salad and bbq beans, and we also ordered a mushroom soup! :) dinner was gd!

after which drove us back to his place and washed up before settling down and watched tv. our fave reality show was on! Moments of truth, and oso Friends. =)

after watching, we dozed right off to slp le~

as for today, i'm still contemplating if i should go play badminton~ haha~ kinda lazy~ but yet feel like playing~ haha! will see how bah~

ciao for now!

btw, yeah!~ kaiying is back from aussie~ Must arrange to meet up soon k! likely next tuesday~ weeeeeeee~

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