Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Update! Suntec, Vietnam Food, Minnie, Family day, Sony Vaio VGC-LN15G, Twilight, Edward Cullen


friday night after work, went to Suntec with Mike korkor, and we went to Pho House (vietnamese food) for dinner. as we were walking ard, happen to pass by the arcade and once again i cant resist temptations and ended up dragging Mike in with me! haha! and as usual, we came out with something in my hands! weeee~ caught a Kimono Minnie! =D after which shop ard for Xmas gifts before heading home le~

i must say this is definately one of the better Vietnamese foodie i've tasted so far! *thumbsup* recommended yea~ its on the 3rd floor in front of ToysRUs! =)
kimono minnie! the new addition to my collection! =D thks korkor~

sat morning woke up and went to pasir ris park with mum and muffin for my co.'s family day. day was alrite. weather was so gd i have a sunburnt right now~ muffin had fun with the kids and i wont 1st prize in the lucky draw! was so shock! as its the first ever time i won first prize from a lucky draw in my entire life~ haha! well, won myself a Sony Vaio VGC-LN15G All-in-1 PC, which im planning to sell away as i've no use for it as im hardly home to use a PC. a lappy would had been much more useful for me instead! but without a doubt its a fantastic pc with great specs and features! Retail selling at $3299. But i'm letting it go BrandNew at $2200 (Price Negotiable)...so if any of you or your friends are interested do inform me yea! Thanks!

1st prize~
Sony Vaio LN - VGC-LN15G <---check out more bout its specs and features~ after that went home to bathe muffin and stanley came over to pick me up before we head to Bedok followed by Parkway to haf Sakae Sushi. after dinner, went home for awhile before we head to meet his friends to go Macritchie reservoir for a night hike. went to bishan after that for supper before we head home to slp.

sunday spend the whole day rotting and watching movies. caught the show Twilight! Absolutely Awesome show! and i would say its a Must watch! very touching and sweet show of a vampire and a human falling in love~ and i must say, Edward Cullen(acted by Robert Pattinson) is gorgeously charming and hot! love his eyes~ *melts* haa! love the story line~ and i hope there'll be part 2 soon! since the show's ending seems abit incomplete~ haha! *waiting*~ i so wanna be carried and fly up to the tallest tree to watch the scenery!! =p

Twilight!! one of the best shows i've seen this yr~ guess it'll be the last great show i've watch for the yr 2008~ =)
i wana be piggybacked up to the tallest trees tooo~ =p so sweets yea! =)
Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson)!! absolutely hot!~ *melts*

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