Thursday, December 11, 2008

Foodie foodie~

foodie foodie~

im getting fat~ haha! been eating so much lately~ anyway, yesterday met up with my ex-colleague Christine and ex-manager PitLee for lunch! Went to China Sq, Bie Fu Ramen~ lunch was great as we chatted and catched up on alot of stuff.. It was great seeing them for lunch as i havent met them for quite some time aside from bumping into each other during lunch hours and when we're out... =)

after work, went to Boonkeng to meet Baby and we head down to Hougang Plaza for dinner at Suki Sushi~ you can nv imagine how much we both ate! faints! adding up the total no. of plates we eat and the actual cost, we ate about $105 in total~ which is about 20+ plates of sashimi, sushi, etc! haha! thankfully we it was a buffet! haha~ therefor it only cost us about $45 in total! Haha! after the super duper filling dinner, he send me home le~ i was super tired and knocked out right away!


anyway today gotta go to sch le~ first lesson for HRM~ hope it'll be an interesting module with an interesting lecturer~ else im so gonna be a goner again! =p

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