Monday, October 6, 2008

Muffin can fly~

Muffin can fly~

last friday, came home from work and packed my room while waiting for Baby to come over to pick me up after we went to visit his grandpa. realise i've really got lotsa things in my room! and its gettings kinda crampy, crowded and cluttered! wish i haf the time to really stay home and pack my room thoroughly!! anyway after baby came, brought muffin down. laze ard at home the whole of friday night.

on saturday, woke up and went with baby's mum to ECP for breakfast. walked Muffin for awhile before we head down to his sister's place. had lunch there and after which we send his mum to the hospital as she wanna visit his grandpa. and baby and i brought Muffin to Mount Pleasant Vet for a checkup on his teeth. end up didnt extract his tooth, but instead bought the heartgard for him to prevent against the scary heartworms. total vet bill, $90+. faints! consultation alone alrdy bout $30. and the box of heartgard cost bout $60! anyway after that went home and rested at home le. watched some movies and later at night went to pasir ris to meet the buyer of the burberry harness, to sell it to her. =) yeah!

yesterday, sunday, his parents bought curry rice for us for brkfast. after which we went to Celina and Remi's new shop opening! the location is kinda not very convenient. but i felt the layout of the place and its outlook have certainly improved! very nice now ya! =D ate lunch there as theres buffet there. let Muffin mingle ard and played with Veno, Aaron's maltese. They are both bought from the same shop! hehe! Phyllis, Jiabao, Jialiang, JunHao also came along. chatted for awhile, before i bought Muffin's kibbles and Baby send me home le. Cuz he wanted to study, and i had to study too. upon reaching home, bathed Muffin, brushed his teeth, cut his nails and brushed his fur before i started on my revision. later at night went to bedok for dinner with my family.

anyway as to my title for this post, Muffin can fly cause i've recently just bought him angel wings! LOL~
super cute! and i love it alot! hehe! Muffin looks super adorable in them yea? hehe! =D

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