Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy 21st birthday to me!! =D

Happy 21st birthday to me!! =D

been waiting for this day to come for a long time~ the day i'll recieve the golden key~ haa`...the day i get to watch R21 shows, the day i'll b able to enter certain clubs, the day i'll be able to apply for credit cards, etc.~ haha! but its also a day i'll have to start worrying bout wrinkles and aging..faints!

time flies..21 years of my life have passed like a breeze...looking back..i feel old now~ but well..theres still a long way ahead of me~ and im excited to find out wat life have got in store for me!

i usually dont celebrate birthdays...but since its my 21st, i decide to make it an exception! but since its the first time im celebrating...i know nuts about party preparations and all i got very stressed out and panic...and decided to plan for my birthday celebration since at least 4 to 5 mths back...from booking a place to hold my party, sourcing for caterers and stuff, to ordering of my catering food, bbq food, doing up the invitations, sending them out, getting my balloons and banners, ordering my bday cake and so on.. the process before the party really wasnt easy..i didnt expect there would be so many things to be done...but the busiest and toughest job was during the party...having to prep before the party starts, to serve and entertain each and every one who came, to make sure everyone is eating and not alone, making sure everything is in place and etc. theres just so many things to do..and im super duper drained out now...

but with that said..i must say that im really happy and thankful that everything went on pretty was good as it didnt rained..just kinda warm as there aint much wind! but still it beats having rain~ plus all my beloved are there with m on this very special day~

well...i wouldnt say it was the perfect birthday party i had in mind..people i expect would come some kinda totally spoilt my day (dont wish to comment much on this)...but still on the overall..i would consider it quite a success with about 58 pple including me present at my party..hees`..there were sufficient food...but tooo much left over...guess i kinda over estimated! much food an drinks wastage!!! but well..everything did went smoothly...only sad tt i didnt manage to get many photos as i was simply too busy and many pple keep rushing me.sighh...dont even haf much fotos with my bf or my parents...sad sad~

i wanna hereby specially thank my lovely family and bf for helping me out and making my bday party a great success...and also a big special thank to my Korkor, Mike for everything he's done...from coming early to help up with preparations and decorating the taking care of helping me set up the bbq and bbq food for my guest and me, and constantly helping me out in every way possible..thanks oso for the present and handmade card!! really appreciate everything that you've done for me!! Thanks korkor!! =)

Thanks also to all my friends and relatives for the bday wishes, pressies, angbaos, cards, smses, and for attending my birthday! =)

anyway..i'll blog bout my bday party and my lunch party with my relatives in another post! look out for my next post! :)

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