Sunday, August 31, 2008

update. (wkends yet again)


last friday after work, came home and brought Muffin downstairs for a walk..after which came home and rotted the whole night.

muffin out for walk~ (sorry for poor quality foto. hp camara abit lousy, plus not enough light and muffin kept moving ard~)

saturday morning accompanied parents to Marine Parade for grocery shopping..after which came home. Stanley came over shortly to pick me and Muffin up..after which brought Muffin to the vet as he vommited again this morning..end up vet said he had gastric..gave him a jab and some medicine and went home le..poor darling..whined so badly from the jab and clinged onto me right after it..rotted the whole sat..and had very bad insomnia the whole night..end up slping very late..

woke up super early again this morning..continued rotting..after which went to Stan's grandpa's place to visit before coming home to continue rotting tv and movie and was send home at night..

anyway am very tired. gonna go to bed now. tmr still gotta work. sigh.

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