Sunday, August 3, 2008

enjoyable wkend for Muffin!

enjoyable wkend for Muffin!

friday night after a long day at work, went home to play with Muffin and pack up some of his stuff as baby came later ard 10+ to fetch me and muffin over..was feeling we slept shortly after..

saturday woke up and had breakfast..after which baby had to send him car for polishing...after polishing we send his mum to his sis's in the end we couldnt make it in time to Waggie's at SiMei as i had earlier on we went to westcoast for lunch before bringing Muffin for a walk ard baby's place..ran ard and played with him..and he got so tired after which and went home to slp right thru while baby and i watched tv and some movies before going to slp as we're both pretty tired too..

woke up early this morning ard fact 6+am i alrdy woke up to feed Muffin..around 8+ we decided to go out and have breakfast at Downtown East BK before bring Muffin to the dog run at PasirRisFarmway PetMovers! met up with Ivy and her 2 lil furries, Micole the cute lil maltese thats 1 mth younger than Muffin, Schnappi the smart and charming Husky and also many others like Yorky, Poodle, SilkyTerriers, many MiniSchnauzer, many ShihTzu, many GoldenRetriever and Huskies, etc...and Muffin sure is happy to be running ard freely and playing with his new friends~ Its his first time walking on grass and he seem to quite like it~ lol! of cuz i did take precaution measures and sprayed alot of anti flea and ticks solution on him before allowing him in..haha! And today is also the first time i entered him in a friendly game/contest! lol~ its the fastest recall contest! haha! well..of cuz Muffin didnt win..but i was just so delighted to see him run to me the moment Baby let him go and when i called out to him! its just sucha joy! and it makes me feel like a proud mum of him! hehe.. there were indeed many cute doggies there~ and guess who the winner is..LOL~ a Yorky! lol!~ i was so amazed at how fast that lil legs of the yorky can run! haha...i was asked to help hold onto the yorky while its owner went into position...and the yorky was so hyper and strong and keep wanting to sprint out ..the moment i let him go..he sprint very quickly within seconds to its owner~ haha! really adorable~ and i check out on his obedience training stuff too..might most likely be signing him up for it by the next intake or next..=) hopefully i can proudly bring him out soon! hehe! and i will likely bring Muffin there every wk to play whenever im free! after bringing Muffin home, bathed him and blowdry him and he slept right thru all the way til evening with us! haha! he was totally beat after sucha enjoyable morning! hehe!

cheers to my lil baby Muffin! *hugs* Mummy(Me) and Daddy(Baby) loves you~

-sad to say this wk nv tk much picts as i was too busy looking out for Muffin~

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