Friday, July 4, 2008

destresss~ KTV at partyworld!


ytd went to work as usual...cold and boring day i would say..after work went to have yummylicious ramen for dinner with my fren.. and after which went to school..lecture was quite interesting...but as its our last lesson and all the tips had actually been given the previous lessons...end up the lecturer let us all off early at bout 8.30! haha..its like only half of the actual lesson...after lesson went to Somerset partyworld to meet up with my favourite ktv khakis (Darren, QiuHen, Qiyuan and Singen)! been a long long time since we all last met up not to mention ktv even Qiyuan is now back in sg...but will be flying back again next wk... ktv session was fun as they are pretty comical..haha..sad to say Qiyuan was tired and had to leave early...end up when the session ended and we decided to tk group photos...he wasnt in any of the photos... sry QY! after ktv, we went to have supper at our fave dim sum spot before Darren send us all home.. =)

all these were taken by self timers! loves self timers~ haha..see y they are my fave ktv khakis?'re all fun fun fun! LOL~ we all cant stop laughing at all the priceless expressions...esp by Qiuhen and Darren! haha! kudos! gonna get back to work..and my wkends are gonna be boring muggin at KAP again~ sigh...hope this agonising 1 and half yrs will end soon!

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